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Blessings reflection ✨

We are Reuben and Nyasha, The Ascension Seed. We are two Twin Flames fulfilling our joint path of divine service. Our mission on earth is to channel consciousness from the most high, spreading love, light and healing energy for the expansion of all beings. We are here to help heal Mother Gaia and bring in The New 5D Earth. We are surrendering our vessels to the Creator's divine will so that high vibrational energy can flow through us effortlessly in alignment with the highest good of all.

Our intention is to share the teachings we have been blessed with, and open our channels to birth new consciousness, assisting you in finding clarity, ease and faith on your path. We want to share the love in our hearts from the divine source that has helped us to heal, so that you may connect to this love within yourselves and activate your innate ability to heal and alchemise.

We offer deep healing events , workshops and 'Alchemy For Ascension' retreats, working primarily with sacred sound to upgrade consciousness, release stagnant energy, empower and activate. We use sound in combination with various other healing techniques we have trained in or channeled from spirit. We offer 2:1 services in the form of Ascension Sessions which include quantum healing, sound journeys, sonic activations and more. We also offer coaching through our three month programme Ascension Seekers, intuitive readings, cacao and mushroom ceremonies, relationship alchemy, plus bespoke ceremonies or rituals for birthdays, milestones, baby blessings, union blessings, and anything else we are called to share. Click here for more info on our current 2:1 offers. We offer these services online and in person at Ascension Space in London, UK.

We are blessed to walk this path of expansion alongside you, and we are honoured to be able to hold space for others on the journey of releasing the conditioned layers blocking the light of the soul. Our true nature is infinite, and transcends our physical body. We want to assist others in remembering their divinity so they can allow their essence to come alive and radiate out to uplift others. We are here to help you uncover your soul's unique vibration so you can share your magic with the Earth and live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

If you feel called to work with us or would like to attend our events, please sign up to our newsletter below, follow us on instagram or contact us by email or phone.


Love and gratitude,



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