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We are Reuben and Nyasha, a twin-flame couple and the energy behind The Ascension Seed. It’s an honour to be sharing this cosmic moment with you! Thank you for being here with us.


We started The Ascension Seed as a vessel to fulfil our joint path of divine service in August 2018 after we came into union one month before. Prior to meeting, we both had conscious awakenings and were following our own spiritual journeys, exploring self-healing, inner alchemy and our relationship to the highest frequency in the multiverse; unconditional love. Our previous relationships were unconsciously based on trauma bonding and conditional love. Through identifying these patterns and where they derive from we were led to discover radical self-love which opened the timeline for  us to meet each other and experience the true healing power of unconditional love for the first time.


Before meeting, our paths had revealed to us cosmic truths, opened us up to awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of existence and the process of spiritual expansion that we are all undergoing as spirit manifested in form. After coming into union and meeting ourselves in each other, we were able to see our reflection on a whole new level, thereby allowing deeper unconscious layers to arise and be lovingly transmuted. 


Through our experiences on the path, we came to innerstand that we all have our part to play in the expansion of the universe, and that the work for us individually and collectively is to transmute dense, low-frequency energy that is misaligned with our essence and is therefore not serving us. After experiencing the power of self-healing in our own lives, we felt called to support others in their own liberation. This calling propelled us to shed any ego-blocks that were holding us back from stepping into our power so we could boldly embrace our purpose and be visible, honing our home frequency and sharing our gifts and experiences to support others in healing and shining their own unique light.

In our work together, we share all the wisdom, tools and practices that have assisted us on our personal and shared journeys of self-healing and soul-purpose alignment, as well as channelling new perspectives and practices as we receive them. Between us, we have navigated through many layers of the shadow, healing childhood trauma, shedding layers of the ego, moving through resistance and much more. We have been able to heal and grow through low self worth, codependency, self-sabotage, self-hatred, ego-blocks, fear of being seen, self-criticism, toxic relationship dynamics, powerlessness, the need to control, crippling shame and many other manifestations of the shadow.

The work we have done on ourselves is not just for us, it is for the benefit of all. The work we have done to clear our energy fields and shed conditioned layers means we are able to be clear mirrors for others, lovingly reflecting to them where they still have room to grow. In everything we do, we hold the intention that our work be done for the benefit of all beings, everywhere, without exception. It is for this reason that we focus our energy on being of service to others, so we may support soul’s on their own unique journeys of ascension, thereby impacting the collective whole. We do this through many ways and means, allowing ourselves to be intuitively and divinely guided constantly towards new ways to express our home frequency. For more information about the ways we are currently sharing energy through our work, see ‘what we offer’.

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