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Alchemy For Ascension:

Embodying The Elements

16th-20th May 2019 | West Sussex

Join The Ascension Seed for a transformative four-night journey as we alchemise with the five elements with intention for healing, expanding consciousness, releasing density, attuning to your soul’s true frequency and catalysing your unique path on Earth.

After the overwhelming success of our first retreat ‘Alchemy For Ascension, Embody Your New Earth Frequency’ (read retreat testimonials), we are so happy to share the second retreat in this series. Over 4 nights, from the 16th-20th May 2019, we will dive into the Five Elements - Fire, Water, Air, Ether & Earth - uncovering their energies within us and exploring the innate capacity of the elements to facilitate deep healing and expand our awareness.

The elements, which are the foundation of all in existence, possess incomparable power and immense alchemical potential. Our intention on this retreat is to deeply unlock the power of the elements, surrendering to their divine wisdom and intelligence so these aspects that exist inside us and all around us can be consciously activated for our highest good.

On this retreat we will be immersing ourselves in the potent healing energy of each element day by day, allowing them to assist and guide our process. For each element we have designed a bespoke programme of ritualistic healing and awakening practices to channel the energy of the elements into our work together. We will use sound, movement, meditation, guided healing exercises, intention, and physical connection to the elements to awaken deeper layers of their healing powers than we have experienced prior to this journey. We will also attune to the elements through the foods we eat and the colours we wear.

We are here on Earth having a physical experience for a reason. Our lives are directly impacted by everything around us from the moment of incarnation. The elements are the sacred foundational energies of existence that vibrate through your body and all around you, and as we work with them with intention for healing, we allow intimate communication between the elements within and without, opening channels for direct transmissions of timeless transcendental wisdom.

The five elements hold a vast and timeless power which we can harness and direct for our expansion, activating the elements’ divine potential in our lives, further enabling us to rise into embodiment of our unique frequency and align with our true purpose on Earth.


Below are details of how we will work with each element.


We will work with Fire to bring to the surface what has been buried in the depths of the unconscious, with intention to purge density and stagnation from body, heart, soul and mind. We will call upon Fire to unleash the power within, letting ourselves be wild and unconfined in our healing process, using movement and voice to release and activate. Our fire work will include a Fire Meditation and Invocation, a Shamanic Sound Journey with Breath-work, a Fire Ceremony with Intuitive Movement and Sound, Sun and Fire Gazing, Fire Songs & more!

This day will also encompass our intention setting and retreat opening Cacao ceremony which will be an initiation into the retreat journey.


This day is about cleansing deeply, allowing the element of Water to gently nourish our beings, washing and deeply cleansing us from inside out, clearing away stagnation so our energy can flow more freely. We will call upon Water to bless the waters within our body, opening our spirits to receive Water Wisdom on surrendering to the divine flow of creation and expansion that wants to express through us. We will allow water to assist us in receiving, feeling and trusting our intuitive guidance so we can allow our soul to express and flourish effortlessly. This will be a tranquil dive into the abundant, ever-flowing waterfalls of unconditional love. Our water work will include a Water Dance Ceremony, Lake Healing, a Water Blessing Ritual, a Womb of The Divine Mother Sound Healing Journey, Water songs & more!


We will work with the element of Air to assist you in gaining clarity on your path, opening you to see your potential and move your energy with conscious intent to align with higher possibilities for you in this lifetime. Air is expansive in nature - it assists us in surpassing the limitations of our physical vessel. Air is the element of inspiration, dreams and visions. We will call upon Air to connect us to our higher mind, the transcendental aspect of us which is ever-connected to the bigger picture of why we are here and how we can be of service. Our work with Air will include Qi Gong, an Air Bending Dance Ceremony, an Envisioning Meditation, a Breathwork Sound Ceremony & more!



As we work with Ether, we are connecting directly to spirit, to our highest selves, to the god/dess energy within and without. We will be working with Ether to move beyond our human limitations, remembering our true intergalactic multi-dimensional nature more deeply, and connecting to ourselves as the miracle energy of creation itself, The Infinite Source of all that is. We will be activating dormant DNA, calling in assistance from our galactic family and beings of light to transmit downloads of high vibrational energy and divine intelligence into our vessels. Our work with Ether will include an Ether Meditation and Invocation, a Third Eye Light Language & Crystal Bowl Activation, a Quantum Timeline Jumping Ceremony, Chakra Toning, A Galactic Lightbody Sound Activation Ceremony & more!


This day is about connecting deeply to the Earth, coming to know yourself as an extension of her body. We will work with the Earth element to ground our frequency into the Earth’s field, assisting us in coming into embodied presence and connection to our physical nature. We will call upon Earth to facilitate deep integration of all the energy we will have cultivated through the retreat. We will be connecting to our own roots, activating ancestral wisdom and remembrance and giving thanks to the Earth for her generosity. Our work with the Earth element will include an Earth Meditation and Invocation, a Rooting Foot Burial Ritual, an Earth Mandala Gratitude Ritual, a Barefoot Silent Woodland Walk, a Grounding Earth Sound Journey & more!

This day will end with a Retreat Closing Ceremony and Elemental Ascension Celebration where will sing, jam and and dance with the elements as the finale of our retreat journey.

--- Who is this retreat for? ---

This retreat is for souls who are willing to do the sacred and necessary work of healing. This work is not about you. Join us to transcend limiting ideas of self and devote your life to the service of love, which is the true nature of everything in existence. Separation is an illusion to help us to expand as one consciousness. So when you choose to show up to heal yourself and align with your purpose, you are doing the work for the collective. There is no time like now to love yourself into greater alignment. Your soul carries a high frequency of unconditional love, and you deserve to use this energy for your healing, enabling you to radiate your true frequency to the Earth and beyond for the benefit of all beings everywhere. The work is not about what you do, say, or know, it’s about what you are transmitting. As you commit to deep shadow work and unconditional self-love, you are able to peel back the veil of the unconscious conditioned layers of reality, providing you opportunities to release what is not serving you, and rise into embodiment of your soul’s truth.

There is a mass awakening happening on our beloved planet, and you are being called to show up to do the work and raise your frequency to unlock the limitless potential that awaits you in this lifetime. To assist with planetary ascension, we must acknowledge the baggage, limiting beliefs and illusions we carry so we can release what weighs us down and rise into the highest expression of our soul. Our intention for the journey is to facilitate a space for radical self-love, deep-healing and whole-scale upgrades of consciousness. Your vessel is a magical container for the energy of creation, and with pure intention, you can create rapid shifts in your inner and outer realities. To do this, you must be willing to love more of your darkness and to heal unintegrated and suppressed aspects of your being. If you are ready to catalyse your ascension path on Earth, stepping up to radiate more of the light of your soul and embody the love in your heart for the highest good of all, then this retreat is for you.

People from all backgrounds welcome, however please only come on this retreat if you are TRULY ready to do the work. To get maximum impact from this retreat we require that you have pure intention to heal and transcend your sense of self by looking deeply within and letting go of conditioning and constructs that are blocking your own ascension.

--- Where is it? ---

The retreat will take place in Rusper Court Manor, a beautiful traditional manor house surrounded by luscious countryside. The manor existed before the Doomsday book (1086), has beautiful traditional features with modern facilities. The surrounding countryside area is tranquil and private. The house has woods nearby as well as picturesque grounds with a lake and lots of space to walk freely to integrate new energy.


You can get to Rusper on one train from London Bridge to Ifield station), where you can get a 10 minute taxi to the manor. Driving from London takes around 1 hour in good traffic.

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Asenscion Seed
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Important Info

--- BOOKING ---

Spaces for the retreat are limited as want to create an intimate container for those who attend. 

Prices vary depending on accommodation type. For more information on pricing tiers see 'Accommodation' section.

Booking is recommended to secure your space and preferred accommodation type.

--- DEPOSITS ---

You can reserve your retreat space by paying your deposit through Eventbrite. Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive confirmation by email with details of how to pay the remainder.


Deposits are £199, regardless of accommodation choice. `Full payment is to be made by 16th April 2019.

Deposits are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Before booking, please read 'Important Info' below.

Pay Your Deposit


For those who are unable to make full payment by 16th April 2019, we have the following payment plan available:

- 50% of the total fee to be paid by 16th March 2019
- 75% of the fee to be paid by 16th April 2019
-100% of the fee to be paid by 2nd May 2019

If our deposit amount or suggested payment plan is not feasible for you but you feel you are meant to join us on this journey please let us know. We have a limited number of assisting roles with a reduced price as well as some bursaries available for students and those with limited resources. We can also design payment plans to suit your needs, lasting after the retreat. We do not want money to block people from joining us if they feel it is aligned for them to attend our retreat - our priority is making this work accessible to all who feel called to it.

--- ACCOMMODATION --- Prices listed below include accommodation, all food and drink, Cacao and retreat cost.


  • Camping - £499 [Bursaries not applicable]


  • Dorm Room (Sleeps 6)


Option 1 - Floor Spaces (Sleeping Mat Provided) - £699

Option 2 - Double Bed - £729


  • Three Bed Shared Room with En Suite Bathroom - £769 each (Sleeps 3)

  • Adjoined Double Room with Shared En Suite Bathroom


Option 1 - Double Room (Smaller - Back ) - £849 - [BOOKED]

Option 2 - Double Room (Larger - Front) - £869 [Share with a friend - £779 each]


  • Twin Room with En Suite Bathroom - £799 each


--- Booking Confirmation ---

Once you have paid your deposit, please email confirming your chosen accommodation type and let us know whether or not you will be opting for the payment plan. You will receive an email back confirming your place and giving you details on how to pay the remainder of your fee.


--- Mobile Phones ---

We request that you hand your phones in on the day of arrival to create an EMF free space of deep introspection. This will make a big difference to your process. If you need to make any urgent calls during the retreat you can have your phone back for this purpose, returning it afterwards. Emergency contacts will be provided.


--- Silence ---

We will be observing a policy of noble silence at specific times during the 3 days. This means that during breaks, and in your rooms, you are required not to speak to fellow participants. Silence significantly adds to the healing process, cementing us in our own experience and preventing us from distracting ourselves or others from the work. There will be specific opportunities for group and 1:1 sharing during silent days. We ask that all participants honour the deep-healing container we wish to create by respecting the silence.


--- Food ---


During the retreat we will be eating a plant-based vegan diet. Meals will be kept light, so as to keep the body free from heaviness, which creates better conditions for releasing energy and integrating new frequencies into our vessels. This facilitates deeper healing, as heavy digestion consumes our energy and can block us from reaching deeper layers of suppressed trauma and conditioning.

--- Smoking ---

Smoking is prohibited during the retreat to create a clean environment free of coping mechanisms and distractions. Please do not join us if you are unable to respect this policy. If you want to come but are currently a smoker, you can use this retreat as an opportunity to stop or take a break.



Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the retreat or queries regarding securing your space. Our aim is to make this work accessible so please let us know if financial circumstances are making it difficult for you to commit to joining us.

We can't wait to go on a deep elemental journey with you all.

Sending you all infinite love and blessings ♥

Reuben~Nyasha x

~ The Ascension Seed ~

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