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Ascension Ceremony

Dissolving Self: Rebirth Into Oneness

1st June 2019, Streatham Yoga Rise


This Ascension Ceremony has been created to assist souls who feel called to catalyse their ascension journey by communing more deeply with the infinite source, stripping back layers of self to connect to our innate oneness with all that is. This ceremony will be a deeply opening and vulnerable journey into our collective heart so we may release blocks to love within ourselves, shed layers of separation that cause us to consciously and unconsciously feel disconnected from ourselves and the world around us, and reconnect more deeply to our true nature.

The space will be a lovingly held container where every person - wherever they are on their path - can allow themselves to be reborn into oneness as we collectively journey through the sacred womb of unconditional love we will energetically co-create as a group. We will merge hearts and souls to allow barriers to dissolve, deepening in our embodiment of oneness. We will be holding space for lovingly shedding conditioning of the ego so we may truly connect with each other as one energy past the layers.

We will guide you through a multi-sensory immersion into the healing frequency of unconditional love, working with meditation, vocal release, chakra toning, sound healing, intuitive movement and the power of prayer and intention to individually and collectively release deeper layers of illusion so we can meet our reflection in every person who gathers to co-create this magical alchemical journey. We will be generating a vortex of transformation with the power of our intention, making use of the ever-present possibility of rebirth that exists in every moment of our lives.

We are holding space for a heart-opening, embodied deep dive into the ocean of source, from which all in existence derives. Join us to catalyse your path of healing and soul remembrance, activating your sacred heart and connecting to the high frequency grid of unconditional love and oneness that is ever-strengthening across the Earth as our sacred planet ascends.

~ Programme ~

IMPORTANT - Please note you will need to bring your own scarf / sleeping mask for use as a blindfold!

Please arrive by 19.15 latest as we will be starting promptly at 19.30. If you are late you will have to join us after the meditation.

19:30: Opening Ascension Meditation and Intention Setting
19:45: One Heart Group Toning
19.55: Shake and Wake
20:00: Blindfolded Vulnerability Circle
20:10: Blindfolded Intuitive Movement with Shamanic Sound Journey
20:25: Breathing Break
20.30: Womb of The Divine Mother Sound Activation
21.00: Eye Gazing
21:10: Song Circle and Group Blessing
21.20: Closing Meditation
21:25: Silent Integration Time
21.30: Space Closes

We can't wait to dive deep with you all! We channeled this event by calling upon the higher selves of all those who will be attending to offer what is most aligned for the group's expansion, so we feel it will be a truly special ceremony for all who join us to co-create this energy.

~ Booking ~

Tickets £25, click here to book via Eventbrite.

Love & Gratitude,

Reuben~Nyasha x

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