Free Your Essence:

Ascension Space Opening Ceremony with Sound & Cacao

12th July 2019, Ascension Space, Manor Park, East London


It is with great joy that we invite you to join us for an intimate gathering in celebration of the re-opening of Ascension Space in our new and upgraded East London location! To those of you that came to our original space, you know the magic that we co-created in so many different contexts. This space - with a cleaner energy and in a more aligned environment - will be home to alchemy and magic beyond our expectations and previous experiences.


Join us on Friday 12th July for our space Opening Ceremony, the first of many events in our new beloved home, blessing our temple space with love, joy and celebration. We will work with the sacred plant Cacao to assist us in opening our hearts and releasing blocks to expressing our essence, supporting us in surrendering to the powerful frequency of unconditional love that is available to us in any moment. This will be an intentional space to open the throat chakra and free the voice as well as allowing the body to move without constraint, using sound and Cacao as sacred medicines to guide our journey. Our intention is to support you in being confident to take up space, be visible and step into more of your infinite power and potential. We will work with meditation, vocal play, collective intuitive musical expression, sound healing and ecstatic movement to release and expand our energy through the potent frequency of joyful presence and the practice of uninhibited expression.


This will be an evening of healing, connection and expansion, freeing our bodies and voices as we come together as one energy to radiate love to each other and into the multiverse. This will be a safe space for people at all stages of their journey of self-liberation. We will create a sacred and comfortable space to allow the group to move beyond the comfort zone, releasing blocks to expression, become radically present, playful and ecstatic as we shift our frequency and celebrate the fact that we are alive together in this moment. We intend for you to leave this event feeling exhilarated, open, free, connected to yourself and to the divine life-force energy that pulsates through your sacred vessel and all beings in existence.


ALL WELCOME! Please feel free to invite any friends or family who might resonate.


~ Programme ~


19.30 - Space opens

19.45 - Space Blessing & Opening Meditation

19.55 - Cacao Ceremony, Heart Toning & Intention Setting

20.10 - Vocal Warm Up - Free Your Voice

20.30 - Blindfolded Intuitive Movement, Vocal and Musical Jam

21.00 - Movement Medicine - Ecstatic Dance Drum Journey

21.15 - Integrating Sound Healing Transmission

21.35 - Closing Meditation

21.40 - Silent Integration Time

21.45 - Space Closes


~ Cacao ~


We will be working with plant medicine Cacao in ceremonial grade which opens the heart and facilitates deeper release into the energy of unconditional love. Cacao gifts us with a heightened state of receptivity and openness to allow in downloads of new energy. This sacred medicine vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love - through communing with this sacred plant we bring our being into resonance with love as the medicine reflects to us areas in our physical, spiritual and emotional body which are out of alignment with love’s frequency. This provides us an opportunity to use our intention to release these lower vibrational frequencies and welcome more light into our being as we attune to unconditional love.


~ Booking ~


Tickets £25 + BF, click here to book via Eventbrite.


There are very limited spaces for this intimate gathering, so advanced booking is recommended to secure your space!

- To avoid booking fee you can bank transfer us the money, message for details <3

- Full address provided after booking


Love & Gratitude,


Reuben~Nyasha x