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3 Month Spiritual Alignment Online Coaching Programme with Reuben & Nyasha


We are going through a time of mass transformation! The planet is purging and upgrading from the inside out, and we are all faced with an opportunity to surrender to our individual paths of expansion and consciously co-create the ascension process we are undergoing as a collective. After the overwhelming success of the first round of Ascension Seekers (click to read testimonials below), we are delighted to invite you to join us from February 5th 2020 as we reopen our three month portal for healing and transformation where you will journey into the depths of your inner being to catalyse your ascension path, releasing spiritual, emotional and physical blocks to your alignment as we support you in embodying more of your true essence. This process is one of deep inner work and aligned action, where you will be encouraged to shift your energy within and take practical steps to assist you in rising towards your unique path of divine service so you can radiate your light across the Earth for the highest good of all.

Through an opening and closing ceremony, bi-weekly 2:1 online coaching sessions, weekly group meditations and weekly online group coaching seminars we will co-create a process of alchemy and transformation from within. We will deepen in our self-love and shadow work, identify and release limiting beliefs, map out our dreams and visions and take practical steps towards shifting our inner and outer worlds. We will open our hearts, minds and channels to support your process throughout the three months. This programme will be a safe and loving container for healing and transformation, working together as a group to co-create change in addition to the personal time to alchemise with us in 2:1 sessions. This work will be supported by weekly ascension packs with journaling prompts, affirmations, bespoke rituals and self-enquiry practices to help your process.

This coaching programme will be holding space with an intimate group of souls, and we are calling in those who are truly ready now to step up to take responsibility for their experience, to shift stagnant energy, release blocks and take bold steps towards their alignment. We want to journey with you if you know you are ready to do the work to step into your power, to change your patterns and show up for yourself and the Earth. This means taking full responsibility for yourself and your energy and being radically authentic with yourself about where you are at so you can create shifts in your inner world which will be reflected externally.

This is a co-creative process; you will get out as much as you put in. We will share with you practical tools, spiritual wisdom, energetic transmissions, channeled bespoke guidance and so much more that defies words to support you in transmuting all that is holding you back in this moment, connect you to your infinite potential and help you to map out and take action towards an aligned path for your highest unfoldment at this time. How much you are able to take from this offering depends on how much you are willing to show up for yourself and do the work to lovingly transform your life. If you're ready to take a leap of faith and do the work by putting your time, energy and focus towards creating a life of alignment, fulfillment, purpose and ever-deepening growth, then this programme is for you! We are so excited to co-create magic and alchemy with all those who feel called to join us on this sacred 3 month journey.

This programme includes:

✷ An intimate container of 6 souls

✷ Co-created group alchemy

✷ Online opening and closing ceremonies

✷ Bi-weekly 2:1 personal online coaching sessions

✷ Weekly group coaching online masterclasses 

✷ Weekly guided meditations

✷ Channeled consciousness downloads

✷ Weekly packs with rituals and journaling prompts

✷ Private Whatsapp group for extra support





Group sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings via Zoom (app or desktop). Group sessions will be recorded on weeks where any participants are not able to be present, so you can always listen back. For 2:1 sessions we can agree a weekly time based on each individual's availability. Every three weeks we will have one week's break to enable participants to catch up on any work they have got behind on and allow for integration of the previous three week's work.

Working together over 3 months allows for significant neurological rewiring of behavioural and thought patterns, aligned habit making, vision and action planning, as well as in-depth exploration into the many layers of conditioning we carry. 3 months also allows time for nurturing seeds of expansion and creativity, enabling you to make dreams a reality through taking practical long-term steps and having accountability partners to support you, facilitating deeper lasting change. This programme will not be available again until the latter half of 2020 so if you are called to the experience, we recommend taking the opportunity now.

AS Testimonials


Inka Linda
- Healer, Artist

What Inka experienced >


'This journey has given me so much confidence in trusting the medicine I’m here to deliver. I’ve artistically and creatively metamorphosed so much through this process. It does feel like a seed has been planted in my awareness…It feels like a lot of freedom tools. Freedom to be human and messy and also Godly. I feel so much more grounded in myself and trusting of what spirit wants to happen through me, and I don’t need to push it away because of unworthiness or not being able to handle it. Those stories are long gone, and now I just accept I am a channel, and I accept there’s medicine that wants to move through me - it’s just a case of asking the question - what’s being asked of me today?' - Inka Linda

Holly Roxanne 
- Musician, Healer

What Holly experienced >

‘I’ve never experienced a course - or anything actually - that was so opening and transcendental and cosmological but also so rooted on the Earth. That’s been a really awakening process because I’ve sometimes struggled to keep my feet on the ground, so to be in a container that is so channeled but also so grounded has shown me that the tools are right here. I’ve never felt as connected to God as I feel now. I’ve never felt as inspired by death. I feel so much space has been created in my life to really appreciate, feel and tune in. Nyasha and Reuben weaved such a magical space for us to work with which has opened so much and I am so looking forward to what’s to come whilst also feeling so appreciative of exactly where I am now.’ - Holly Roxanne

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 14.51.11.png
Kerry Laws
-Writer, Coach

What Kerry experienced >

‘I feel like I don’t have words for this process. My life has completely changed. I’ve come so far, so much has shifted in my life that I don’t even know how to express. This genuinely has been a life changing three months. I feel really empowered and strong in myself, and able to manoeuvre through my life now, able to identify resistance when it comes, and knowing I can handle it. Now when the darkness comes up, I feel happy and able to go right to the bottom and face it to see what the darkness is trying to teach me instead of ignoring it or pushing it away. I know now that I can handle it and come back up stronger. This process has honestly changed every part of my life and I’m excited to see where I’m going because things are happening really fast. I’ve felt so held, and I just feel so grateful and blessed.’ - Kerry Laws

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 15.02.13.png
Kalisha Jasper
-Mother, Intuitive

What Kalisha experienced >

'My Ascension Seekers experience has been incredible, every week the themes have been aligned with personal events and I felt that I was being subtly guided and held along a path of expansion in every way possible. Emotionally I felt understood and allowed to grow within my own capacity, using my intuition to reaffirm what feels right to me and my life. Spiritually the process helped me understand the perspectives of both the self and the collective, to see how we are all connected. In this process I learnt how to practically apply the lessons to my life and lead from a place of unconditional love. I feel extremely grateful to have been on a course that helped me transform my life by giving me the tools and support I needed. You will get everything you require on this programme, plus you will make friends and also be seen, heard and loved.' - Kalisha Jasper 

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 15.20.47.png
Kaia Garcia
- Artist, Chef

What Kaia experienced >

'This has been a really life changing experience - it feels like there’s no going back. I feel like I’ve elevated into a higher level of awareness. I feel so psychically in tune. Just working with Reuben and Nyasha has been an incredible, life-impacting experience. I will hold this space in my heart forever.'

- Kaia Garcia

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 13.43.45.png
Hana Hull 
Artist, Intuitive

What Hana experienced >

‘I feel really grateful for having experienced the power of a container like this. The process has really shown me the power of my own awareness, and how I can apply my awareness to anything and seeing how my awareness creates alchemy and is a transmuting force. From the first week I learnt to see blocks as something to pay attention to and that’s completely transformed the way that I experience my life. I feel like nothing could go wrong in my life now - I know whatever level of challenge I experience, there is something in it for me and it’s come for a reason, I’m incredibly grateful for that perspective shift. I feel very empowered, and it’s a new feeling.’

- Hana Hull

hana afa1_edited_edited.jpg




Intention Setting, Release Ritual & attuning to your 'Aligned Life Vision'

12/02 - Week 1 - BUILDING BLOCKS

This week we will explore the unconscious mind, looking into your blocks, perceived 'limits', old stories, ancestral programming, disempowering patterns and any fears you are carrying, working with what is uncovered to empower you as you learn to find the gifts in your 'limits' and transmute your blocks into the foundations for healing, growth and creation.



As we begin to make progress and take action towards our goals and alignment, often we can find ourselves being sidetracked or held back by recurring resistance. This happens whenever you are getting close to a breakthrough, doing something that threatens the ego or levelling up. This week we will dive deep into what resistance is, the many forms it can manifest, how to identify your own patterns of resistance and share tools on how to work through resistance so it may actually become a guide on your path that helps you grow instead of hindering your progress.


26/02 - Week 3 - UNIVERSAL POWER

This week we will be connecting to the highest perspective of you as a divine expression of source energy. Through mediation, channeling from your higher self and seeing yourself through objective eyes, you will connect to your limitless nature, observing yourself as infinite beyond the confines of your limited 'self'. We will be holding space for you to deeply feel the immense potential that lies within your being so you may meet yourself beyond the layers and truly see your gifts, your value, and what you have to offer this Earth. As such, you can begin to embody this understanding and let this deeper knowing of your true nature emanate into every aspect of your life experience.


11/03 - Week 4 - LIFE ON PURPOSE

This week we will tune in to your unique purpose on Earth, supporting you to understand how all the pieces of your life experience fit together perfectly to give you all the fruits you need to share your essence in whatever way feels most aligned to you. We are all here to be of service to the Earth and humanity, although this shared purpose can manifest in diverse ways. This week will be about crystallising YOUR unique vision, regardless of what others have or haven't done. We will support you in identifying your highest excitement in this moment and being radically present with the many aspects that make up the complex miracle of you, so you may tune into what it is you feel a deep calling to devote your energy to in this time.



This week we will be opening up our creative channels, unlocking more of our unique essence and allowing source energy to flow through the diverse creative channels for expression that are available to us all. We will explore creative expression through writing, drawing, movement, voice & more. We will be opening up our intuitive flow to free up our energy for uninhibited creation, activating our imagination and opening up our unique channel of source energy. We will be supporting you to tune into your personal magic and bring through innovative ideas from the higher realms to guide you in consciously creating your life. 


This week we will be planting ascension seeds in your conscious and unconscious minds, programming you to feel, think and act in alignment with your highest truth. Working with the understanding of how all growth starts with a seed, we will be nurturing the soils of our being so we can produce ripe fruits in divine timing. We will look at how to create energetically fertile conditions in our inner and outer realities to allow ourselves to flourish, giving ourselves appropriate spiritual, physical and emotional care to create an environment that supports growth.



This week we will dive into action planning, looking at your dreams and wishes for your life in both the short and long term, connecting the micro and macro perspectives. We will be working with you to break down your dreams, goals, and visions for your life (how you want to feel, where you want to be, how you want to spend your energy, what you want to create) and assisting you in creating personalised actions plans to set in process the manifestation in the physical of all that you wish to create, call in and embody. We will also explore the balance of the inner masculine and feminine and how this process is crucial to taking aligned action.


This week is all about being seen in your authentic truth. Whatever our chosen path in life, to make an impact we must be visible to those we wish to serve. Similarly, in order to grow in our personal lives we must find the courage to be authentic to who we truly are and how we truly feel. Many of us are blocked by fear of being seen or receiving 'negative' feedback when we speak our authentic truth and show up as who we really are. This week we will be dissolving ego blocks to our alignment by working through ways to release the need for external approval and validation, allowing you to be more comfortable being uncomfortable, supporting you in letting go of stories and fears that hold you back by getting your 'self' out of your own way. We will work on opening the throat chakra, standing boldly in our power, and validating ourselves so we can share our authentic essence freely. We will explore releasing attachment to the opinions of others and connecting to the truth that each of our unique expressions is valuable and needed on Earth at this time.


22/04 - Week 9 - SPIRITUAL PROCESS

This penultimate week we will take stock of where we have come to through the programme, and identify where we still need to deepen in our work after the programme completes. Connecting to our journey as a spiritual, life-long process, we will lovingly identify how we can continue to persevere after the programme has concluded, and discuss tools for navigating 'setbacks', processing deeper layers of past wounds and blocks. We will discuss identifying cycles and how to navigate through them to integrate the lesson and shift our frequency. We will be working together to release destination-thinking, understanding more deeply that we are all on a non-linear journey of expansion with ever-unfolding layers.

29/04 -  Week 10 - CONSCIOUS SURRENDER

This week we will explore conscious surrender and the art of letting go as crucial to our ascension journeys. We will connect to the cosmic perspective on our lives, understanding the process of growth from the higher realms. We will dive deeper into the meaning of divine timing, and share tools and practices to release your dreams and desires to energy of creation. This week will be about uncovering profound trust in yourself, your life and the timing of your journey as well as giving thanks for how far you have already come. We will discuss ways to appreciate the journey however it unfolds, working with the energy of trust, surrender and gratitude for this existence so we can allow our path to blossom in the highest and best way, without rigidity, attachment and expectation. We will support you in honouring your journey and feeling your dreams already manifest energetically from within.


Gratitude Ritual, Group Alchemy Meditation, Integration Blessing


The total cost of this programme is £888, however the value of the offering is £1188. This programme is currently the most affordable way to work with us over a long period of time, It's important to remember that you deserve to give yourself support in this way - investing in yourself is priceless!

To secure your place you can pay a deposit of £222 or £148, with the option to pay the remainder before the programme starts or to opt for a payment plan (details below).


We have three payment plan options available to spread the remaining cost if necessary.

> Deposit of £148 followed by 5 x payments of £148

> Deposit of £222 followed by 6 x payments of £111

> Deposit of £222 followed by 3 x payments of £222

If you require a different payment plan, please contact us and we can work something out. If you feel blocked from joining us because of financial constraints, please let us know - we will always find a way to make our work accessible to those who feel called to it. Contact us for details on how to make payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. We are offering free 30 minute consultation with those if you are interested in the programme and wish to discuss the process further.


We are so looking forward to going on this journey with you all!


Sending you the deepest love from our hearts,


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