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Ascension Seekers Online Community

The Ascension Seekers online community is for awakening souls to deepen in their spiritual healing, shadow work and emotional processing to allow greater connection to source, supporting seekers to remember their sovereign power and come into alignment with their true divine nature.

This sacred container is an intentional space for the global community of ascension seekers to gather, connect and heal together, as we walk this spiritual path with shared intent to be of service to the highest good of all. We will exchange sacred codes as we walk each other home.

This is an affordable and accessible way for those who resonate with our work as The Ascension Seed to receive our healing transmissions, consciousness downloads, soul coaching, original music, sacred sound, spiritual insight and channeled guidance in these great times of planetary evolution and conscious awakening.

If you align with our intentions for this space and feel called to become a member of our community, we would be honoured to have you join us to co-create a potent frequency to provide you with ongoing support in your process of spiritual liberation.

The more this community grows, the more we can positively impact the Earth’s grid by infusing the frequency of unconditional love into our collective field, dissolving separation, integrating our personal and collective shadow and embodying more of our divinity.

Join us to do the work month by month to embody and vibrate with the frequency of oneness. We so look forward to co-creating and activating with you!

In love, gratitude and service,

The Ascension Seed

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