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Leaving Party ~ Ascension Celebration with Music and Sound

The time has come! We are leaving for India for 5 months on the 17th November and as a departing transmission of energy we would love you to join us the night before we go for an evening of music, sound healing, connection and celebration. As we embark on our travels and dive deeper into the unknown we would be blessed to share this potent energy of healing, deep self-love and elevation that we have cultivated with anyone who wants to experience it before we leave.


The past few months since we launched The Ascension Seed have been magical and so healing for us. It has been such gift to be able to open our healing sanctuary Ascension Space to the souls that have been ready to do deep healing and alignment work alongside us. We have decided to put on this larger scale event as a celebration of what we have created together, and a way to say goodbye to all those who have supported us in our lives up until this point.


This is also a final opportunity for anyone who would like to experience the energy we have been cultivating but hasn't made it to any of our events, or anyone who is interested in learning more about our journey so far and the work we do. Deptford is a melting pot of cultures, with lots of Indian, African and Caribbean energy, and given our combined ancestry this feels like the perfect place to hold this celebration of our union and journey together. We would be so happy to welcome anyone who feels called to join us!


This evening will be a journey through sound, music, movement, laughter and play. We will also be doing a musical performance together. It's a safe space for everyone to be exactly where they are and connect to themselves on a deeper level. We will be sharing practices that we often use in our healing work in an accessible and light-hearted way. Open your hearts to come and receive downloads of loving energy! And for those that have never been to anything like this, it's a chance to try something new!


~ Programme ~


19.00 - Introductory Talk

19.20 - Opening Meditation & Intention Setting

19.40 - Laughter Medicine, Voice & Body Warm Up (Ice Breaker)

19.50 - Indian Traditional Singing (Kirtan)

20.20 - Toilet & Water Break

20.30 - Intuitive Expression & Movement

20.50 - Sound Healing Journey

21.15 - Performance by Reuben~Nyasha

21.40 - Closing Meditation

21.45 - Space Closes


ALL WELCOME! Please feel free to invite any friends or family who might resonate.


We can't wait to share this energy with you and say goodbye before we go away!


 BOOKINGGeneral Release £20

Book by Eventbrite

FB Event:


Children under the age of 11 can come for free, 11+ are £10.


If you can't make it to this event but would like to support our work and our journey in India, you can donate to us via paypal. We are so deeply grateful for any support:




Accessibility - This venue is located in The Studio at Deptford Lounge. The venue is fully accessible with lifts and accessible toilets.


Love and gratitude always,


Reuben~Nyasha x

~The Ascension Seed~

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