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Updated: Oct 3, 2017

There is no time like the present to get on board with your soul's expansion. All you have to do is ask...

It was the start of January. The temporary high of the New Year's Celebrations had a come to an end, and the seemingly inevitable dip that follows had taken hold of me, physically and emotionally.

Far from feeling joy and excitement for a new year ahead, I felt dense and heavy, my whole being was consumed by a disturbing sensation which felt like chaos and stagnation simultaneously. On paper, my life was great - the sort of life others aspired to. I had a day job 'people would kill for', I was doing all sorts of interesting projects outside of work, I had loads of like-minded friends...But deep down, unbeknown to my conscious mind, I was deeply unhappy, and after 25 years of suppression, I could no longer resist, avoid, or deny that painful reality. The truth is, it was only once I'd got all the things I had been lead to believe would equal happiness and success, that I realised I had got it terribly wrong.

I felt intuitively that some powerful truth was missing. I made the choice in that moment, to be willing to let go of what I thought I knew, of where I had got to so far, to find the true path to happiness and fulfilment.

Without realising what I was beckoning into my world, I listened to my intuition, and asked to be shown what life was really about. Within a week, the universe had answered my call, and the truth I was seeking began to appear. I manifested a stranger on the spiritual path to move into my house, and the process of awakening began. On the full moon on the night of my birthday, powerful energies surrounding me, an initiation into the truth of who I really was and why I was really here took place. In that moment, my life as I knew it and my idea of who I was dissolved into the past, and I made way for the unfolding of my true essence. The axis of my world was turning 360 degrees, the foundations of life as I knew it were being rapidly uprooted, and a new divine formation was appearing before my eyes. I had finally realised that the key to happiness was not in the external circumstances of life - it was within ourselves. Life would never be the same again.

In the following months I underwent what would be the most difficult, soul-searching times of my life, but as I journeyed through the darkness each time I emerged to the light, reborn and emboldened. I was undergoing rapid expansion, healing parts of me I didn't know needed to be healed, turning pain into awareness. Integrating aspects of my being that my ego and unconsciousness had previously blinded my from seeing. I was embarking on a journey of radical self-love which mirrored to me all the aspects of me that were out of alignment with the beautiful, powerful essence of my soul. I was evolving, and my life had never had more meaning, power or momentum for change. Everything about me changed. I had never been so elated. My health improved. My relationships improved. My life got easier in all ways. I understood myself better. I understood others better. I learnt how to show up for myself and love myself, unconditionally.

The journey that my soul embarked on the day I woke up is one that never ends - every step of the way presents opportunities for growth, healing and integration, so that we may come into alignment with the truth of who we are. The result is a life of more joy, abundance, love, happiness, wholeness and awareness than you would even realise is possible!

And do you know something? This journey isn't just for souls on the spiritual path...This journey is for everybody! Whether you realise it not, your soul is constantly trying to evolve. We are meant to grow. That's why it feels so bad when we feel stuck or like nothing is changing in our lives. The truth is that our lives change when we change. If you're life feels stagnant, it's because your energy is stagnant...And so I invite you to walk with me on this path of expansion. Together, we can help you to unleash your power by becoming a conscious creator of your own reality. You have the choice of either actively guiding and aligning with your soul's expansion, and therefore the expansion of the universe at large, or being in resistance to your soul's growth.

If you're ready to awaken to your inner power, to pick up the brush and become the artist of your own reality, (or even if you're not ready, but you're interested in learning more!), I invite you to share in my journey of helping souls evolve, through the channel I've created: Evolve Your Energy.

Evolve Your Energy is a vessel for empowering and healing the soul, as well as sharing wisdom and emotional guidance through 1:1 sessions, gatherings, digital/physical content such as art, inspired information, educational resources and much, much more!

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