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Valentines Self-Love Cacao Ceremony

Dissolve Into Love: Rose Immersion 

Friday 14th February 2020,

Ascension Space, Manor Park, East London


An alternative Valentines self-love event for singles and couples including ceremonial Cacao, meditation, movement, sound healing and more!

Join The Ascension Seed for a valentines ceremony for all beings regardless of relationship status to come together as one and bathe in the sacred healing energy of unconditional love.


We will be creating a safe and lovingly held space for dissolving blocks to love within ourselves, allowing the infinite well of love that lies at our core to be activated and more deeply unleashed, so we may love ourselves more deeply and in turn extend that love to others.


We will be alchemising with the assistance of the Rose frequency. The Rose, a known symbol of love, vibrates at the frequency of 320MHz. This makes the Rose one of the most powerful plant healers available to us. We will be immersed in rose with all the senses; diffusing rose oil, burning rose incense, drinking rose-infused ceremonial Cacao, adorning our heads with rose waters and exploring the soft touch of rose-petals. We will weave with the Rose throughout the ceremony to amplify the frequency of unconditional love and allow us to deepen in communion with the sacred energy of the rose through each practice. We will flow through a diverse array of self-love and self-healing practices including vocal work, sound healing, self-holding, eye gazing, heart toning & more.


This is our first in-person event since the birth of our baby Shiloh, and it will be an intimate gathering. We would be honoured to have you join us if you feel the call to dissolve into love this valentines day. For the love we seek outside can be uncovered within. For we are all love beneath the layers. And so we rise in love, as one.


~ Programme ~


The space will be open from 7pm. Please arrive by 7.10pm latest for a prompt 7.15pm start.

7.00pm - Space Opens

7.15pm - Opening Meditation, Intention Setting & Cacao Ceremony

7.35pm - Rose Heart Toning

7.45pm - Guided Eye Gazing - Reflections of Love

7.55pm - Body Temple Self-Worship (Rose Breath-work)

8.10pm - Heart Songs

8.25pm - Ecstatic Movement Love Celebration

8.35pm - Love Letter To Self

8.45pm - Dissolve Into Love Sound Journey

9.05pm - Silent Integration Time

9.10pm - Closing Meditation And Global Energy sharing

9.15pm - Space Closes


~ Cacao ~


We will be working with plant medicine Cacao in ceremonial grade which opens the heart and facilitates deeper release into the energy of devotion. Cacao gifts us with a heightened state of receptivity and openness to allow in downloads of new energy. This sacred medicine vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love - through communing with this sacred plant we bring our being into resonance with love as the medicine reflects to us areas in our physical, spiritual and emotional body which are out of alignment with love’s frequency. This provides us an opportunity to use our intention to release these lower vibrational frequencies and welcome more light into our being as we attune to unconditional love.


~ Energy Exchange ~


The energy exchange for this event is £33.33, click here to book via Eventbrite.


All our love,



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