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The Ascension Seed's 1st Birthday:

Quantum Activation Ceremony

with Sound & Cacao

Friday 23rd August 2019,

Ascension Space, Manor Park, East London

One Year Anniversary Event.png

To celebrate one magical year since The Ascension Seed was birthed into form from the soil of our sacred union, we are blessed to invite you to a quantum dance with the source of all existence - our first birthday activation ceremony! One year ago on 21st August we opened the portal of The Ascension Seed, a sacred vessel through which we have channeled activation, healing and transformation for ourselves and others far exceeding what we could ever have hoped or dreamed of. In 12 months we have aligned with timelines of full-scale activation and catalysed our ascension paths by stepping boldly forth into our joint calling to service, sharing our energy through events, 2:1 sessions, retreats, music, words and so much more. We are so blessed to have touched and inspired many through our alignment to our soul’s purpose!

To mark our first rotation around our grand central Sun as The Ascension Seed, we are honoured to open a space for alchemy and activation beyond what we can describe in words. Join us to connect to your infinite nature, activate your cells in sacred remembrance of your whole self, unlocking more layers of the infinite potential that exists within you and for your life. This will be a journey for awakening and honouring your immense creative potential as a quantum channel of the infinite source, opening up your spirit connection so your unique soul energy can be birthed through your vessel for the highest good of all.

This will be a lovingly held space for our energy to flow as one, opening our beings to receive activation, upgrades and light codes, permitting layers of separation to dissolve as we merge our energy in shared intent, allowing the highest truth of our inner voice to be expressed through our vocal chords, heart vibrations and intuitive channels. We would like to take this opportunity to shower all those who want to join us in the potency of our frequency by bathing you in the energy of our creativity, unconditional love and the fruits of our service. As we shine on you, our intention is to support you in ripening so your unique medicine may also flow effortlessly through your vessel, out of quantum sea and into form.

We can't wait to welcome those who feel called to join us for this special moment in our journey ♥


ALL WELCOME! Please feel free to invite any friends or family who might resonate.


~ Programme ~


The space will be open from 6.45pm. Please arrive by 7.00 latest for a prompt 7.15 start.

6.45 - Space Opens
7.00 - Sacred Energy Cleansing
7.15 - Opening Ascension Meditation, Introductory Talk, Intention Setting & Invocation
8.00 - Cacao Ceremony
8.15 - Chakra Toning - Quantum Clearing
8.30 - Quantum Timeline Jumping
8.45 - Sound Activation with Light Language
9.20 - Collective Vocal Channeling
9.30 - Silent Integration Time
9.35 - Closing Meditation & Global Energy Sharing
9.45 - Space Closes

Spaces are very limited due to the intimate setting, so if you want to come booking is recommended. We would love to welcome faces new and old!

~ Cacao ~


We will be working with plant medicine Cacao in ceremonial grade which opens the heart and facilitates deeper release into the energy of unconditional love. Cacao gifts us with a heightened state of receptivity and openness to allow in downloads of new energy. This sacred medicine vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love - through communing with this sacred plant we bring our being into resonance with love as the medicine reflects to us areas in our physical, spiritual and emotional body which are out of alignment with love’s frequency. This provides us an opportunity to use our intention to release these lower vibrational frequencies and welcome more light into our being as we attune to unconditional love.


~ Booking ~


Tickets £25 + BF, click here to book via Eventbrite.


There are very limited spaces for this intimate gathering, so advanced booking is recommended to secure your space!

- To avoid booking fee you can bank transfer us the money, message for details <3

- Full address provided after booking


Love & Gratitude,


Reuben~Nyasha x

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