Alchemy For Ascension:

From Death To Rebirth

24th-28th September 2020

After the overwhelming success of our previous ‘Alchemy For Ascension' retreats (click here to read retreat testimonials), we are soul happy to share the next retreat in this series...

Join The Ascension Seed for an alchemical deep healing four-night journey where we will lovingly dive into the energy of death and rebirth to embrace and discover new layers of their alchemical potential, creating transformation, soul healing and spiritual alignment from within. This retreat is intended to assist you in catalysing your unique path so you may align with your highest timeline and take a quantum leap towards embodying your soul's essence.

Over four days we will work with a wide variety of healing and awakening practices, some ancient and others channeled by us for the participants of this retreat. In a safe and lovingly held space with an intimate group of souls we will alchemise with meditation, sacred sound, silence, movement, ritual, song, nature connection & more to support our processes. Journey with us to enter into our personal and collective unconscious with intention to release density and limiting aspects of ‘self’, allowing us to attune to our soul’s true frequency, activating more of our radiant light and limitless potential. We are calling in souls who are ready to unlock a deeper layer of healing and release blockages so they can claim and embody their sovereign soul power. This retreat is intended to accelerate your timeline of self-healing and alignment with your soul’s unique purpose. 

Earlybird prices available



Life moves in cycles. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are in a constant cyclical process of death and rebirth. Our cells are regenerating, our frequency is changing and fluctuating, old versions of 'self' are dying, and new versions of 'self' are being born. Change is the only constant. 


In this existence, we are continuously emerging through the transformational portals of death and rebirth as our individual and collective awareness expands.


When we embrace the process of rejuvenation, healing and expansion that we are naturally inclined towards as cells in the cosmic body, we are able to release resistance and open our eyes to the abundance of opportunities for growth available to us in every moment. This way we can create and re-create ourselves with every breath, thought and action, living as conscious creators alchemising our way through life as spirit in form.

In our individual and collective unconscious resides a lot of fear regarding the idea of death, because we see death as something which happens at the end of life, terminating our existence. In truth, we are a part of the infinite - we never really 'die', rather our energy transforms. Energy is always changing state, and as something 'dies', the energy is always born again.

Both death and rebirth are processes of continuously allowing the essence of who you really are to be more deeply activated within your being. As you shed conditioned layers, old versions of you 'die', allowing a more aligned version of 'Self' to be born within you.

Many willingly call in the energy of rebirth and transformation without innerstanding that there can be no rebirth without death. Just as your 'self' dies many times in your life, every day is an opportunity to be reborn so we can more deeply embody our essence. In this sense, dying and being born again are things we experience every time we change and grow.

There is no time but the present to embrace your inner work, raise your frequency and create a life where you are consciously directing your process of elevation. We each have our own unique sacred purpose. Only you can take the steps which enable you to embody the purest expression of your soul, so you may radiate the love that you are at your core.


To align with your highest ascension timeline and embody your soul's true essence for the highest good of all, you must lovingly address and release that which doesn't resonate with who you are beneath your conditioning.


Each of us has our own set of conditioned layers to transcend in order for our soul essence to fully radiate from our being. Similarly, we each have the power within to shed our own layers, learn our soul lessons and do the work to lovingly come into alignment with who we really are. The conditioned density and weight we carry and identify with is not what defines us, but it is ours to lovingly transmute.

By choosing to dance with death, we can allow ourselves to be reborn into the version of our 'Self' that our highest aspect is calling us to become.

As we allow things in our life to die - whether that's old patterns, behaviours, beliefs, traumas, relationships, environments, material items or anything else that is no longer aligned for us - we create space to move towards and allow into our reality feelings, experiences, frequencies, people and states of being which are resonant with the higher frequency expression of ‘Self’ that is being born from within us.


Are you are ready to embrace your inner alchemist by diving into your darkness and dying to your ‘self’, thereby activating your inner light and sovereign power, allowing a more aligned and embodied version of you to be born? 


To ascend and evolve in a way that is integrated and whole as opposed to fragmented, we must own, acknowledge, heal and love our light and darkness equally. This retreat is a space for you to embrace and balance both polarities within yourself, as both your light and shadow are valid, worthy, wise and purposed to support your expansion process.

We are calling in souls ready to join us to do the sacred and important work of healing in a loving container designed to catalyse your process and support you in making quantum shifts in your life.

If you feel called to join us, we would be honoured to go on this journey with you. Spaces for this intimate journey are limited. Reserve yours by paying your deposit below.

Earlybird prices available

What others experienced...

'I feel reborn. This retreat has helped me to transform and heal. My mind feels clear, my body feels nourished with love and my spirit feels whole once again. I feel truly at peace and so grateful for the first time in my life'

- Hafsa

'You have taken me through life-changing journeys into my soul that have shaken me to my core. These past few days have been full of astounding experiences and returned powers to me I had long accepted as lost. I am blown away by your abilities and all you've awoken and re-awoken in me.' 


'This retreat has been completely life-changing, life-affirming and awe-inspiring. I have released blockages, made connections, and I feel I am guided to go forth in my own personal mission of healing and development so I can be of service to others.'

- Jenny

'How do I even begin? You created a safe space for me to explore my deepest thoughts and to get to know myself. I had no idea how much I had to release. Your combined truth, love and patience has made me feel safe, welcomed, appreciated and honoured. My inner child and spirit are full of joy. You guys have really helped to upgrade my life.' 

- Sophia

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This retreat is for those who are...

- Willing to do the sacred and necessary work of healing

- Ready to take the next step on their journey and embrace inner work

- Seeking a safe and lovingly held space to journey within to meet new parts of themselves

- Interested in exploring their own innate capacity for self-healing and inner alchemy

- Drawn to exploring the power of sacred sound for deep healing

- Interested in shedding layers of ego to enable themselves to live a life in service to love

- Ready to deepen in radical self-love

- Seeking alignment with their soul and connection to their highest truth

- Ready to let go of limiting beliefs, old patterns, stories and suppressed traumas

- Interested in deepening in their shadow in a held space

- Keen to explore a diverse variety of self-healing practices and rituals

- Ready to connect to and embody more of their true power

- Seeking pause in beautiful nature to release, reset, reconnect & realign

Earlybird prices available

People from all backgrounds welcome, however please only come on this retreat if you are TRULY ready to do the work. To get maximum impact from this retreat we require that you have pure intention to heal and transcend your sense of self by looking deeply within and letting go of conditioning and constructs that are blocking your own ascension.

If you are interested in joining us but have some questions or want to talk anything through, you can book a free consultation or get in touch by email or Whatsapp.

If you feel it is aligned to join us but money is a block, reach out - we will always do our best to support you in finding a way to do this sacred work with us if your heart says yes. 


Over 4 days we will use a variety of techniques and practices to facilitate deep healing, emotional processing, trauma release, energy clearing, frequency elevation, soul remembrance, neural pathway rewiring, DNA activation, soul retrieval, embodiment, shadow and light integration, heart-opening and whatever else is aligned for the soul group who are meant to join us for this sacred retreat journey.



 Day of the Dark 

We will begin with a day working with darkness, exploring our personal and collective shadow and the hidden keys to our process of liberation. On this day we will begin accessing the subconscious mind to allow processing of heavier emotions and vibrations, as well as unlocking hidden knowledge from within.

Including: Retreat Opening Cacao Ceremony, Intention Setting Ritual, Shadow Shaking Movement & Sound Journey, Shadow Guidance Meditation (Inner-Sight Practice), Dark Wisdom Sharing, Meeting Your Masks Practice, Shadow Love Ritual, Ancestral Healing Shamanic Sound Journey, Dark Feminine & Dark Masculine Power Activation, Dancing in the Dark (Blindfolded Movement)



Death Day

 On 'Death Day’, we will dance with death through a number of bespoke rituals and practices to purge, release and clear any density that no longer serves us, consciously inviting in the death of old ‘selves’. We will offer ourselves to the death portal to be purified. This day is intended to transform and reprogramme your relationship to the energy and idea of Death.

Including:  Death Portal Opening Ceremony, Death Intentions, Gong Journey, Enter the Void Meditation, Facing Death (Fear Release Circle), Vocal Toning, Death Dance, Death Drum Journey (Shamanic Clearing), Funeral for the ‘Self’ (Burial Ritual), Death Ceremony (Cremation)


Rebirth Day

After journeying with the energy of Death, we will guide you through the portal of Birth. After diving into the shadow and allowing old 'selves' to die, on this day you will be reborn anew through the unconditionally loving womb of the Divine Mother, with more of your soul’s essence awake and alive within you. This day is for rejuvenation, re-emergence, and reclamation of your purest soul essence.

Including: Birth Portal Opening Ceremony, Birth Intentions, Etheric Sound Bath (Angel Channel), Womb Of the Divine Mother Meditation and Sound Journey, New Life Meditation, Welcome Letter, Earthing Ritual, Love Portal Ceremony, Fresh Eyes Nature Walk, Intuitive Nature Singing Circle


Day of the Light

Emerging reborn after embracing darkness and death, on the final day of the retreat journey we will alchemise with our light, connecting with our higher self to activate our light body, connect to our infinite nature and awaken more of our soul power and limitless potential.


Including: Cacao Ceremony, Chakra Toning, Light Body Activation Sound Journey, Air Bending Dance Ceremony (Light Play), Air Bending Dance Ceremony (Light Play), Earth Light Grid Meditation, Light Language Sound Activation, Retreat Closing Ceremony, Dark & Light Integration Meditation & Sound Celebration

The retreat will culminate with an integration process, to allow a marriage of the energies of light and shadow within you, as well as an honouring and acknowledgement of the sacred processes of death and rebirth, supporting you to continue consciously alchemising with these energies in your life after the retreat’s end.



The retreat will take place in Rusper Court Manor, a beautiful traditional manor house surrounded by luscious countryside. The manor existed before the Doomsday book (1086), has beautiful traditional features with modern facilities. The surrounding countryside area is tranquil and private. The house has woods nearby as well as picturesque grounds with a lake and lots of space to walk freely to integrate new energy.


You can get to Rusper on one train from London Bridge to Ifield station, where you can get a 10 minute taxi to the manor. Some lifts from the station will also be available on the 4th June. Driving from London takes around 1 hour in good traffic. See below for photos of the house and grounds.



Prices vary depending on accommodation type, see below for details. 

These prices include accommodation, all food and drink and retreat cost.

Spaces for the retreat are limited as this will be an intimate container for those who attend. Reserve yours with a deposit.


Early-bird Pricing

  • Camping (BYO equipment) - Deposit £111


Earlybird £555

Standard £600 

  • Shared Room  (4 floor spaces - mattress provided) - Deposit £111

Earlybird £666 per person

Standard £720 per person


  • Triple room with en suite bathroom - Deposit £222

Earlybird £777 per person

Standard £888 per person

  • Solo room with shared en suite bathroom - Deposit £222
    (2 adjoined rooms available)


Earlybird £888 per person

Standard £999 per person

Booking is recommended to secure your space and preferred accommodation type. To reserve your space you can pay a deposit, with the remainder due before the retreat.

For those with different financial needs, we have also created payment plans for each accomodation type. See below for full details.



Earlybird prices available

Secure your space below with a deposit of either £111 or £222 depending on your accommodation choice.

  • Deposits are non-refundable or exchangeable.

  • After paying your deposit, 50% of total fee to be paid by 4th May 2020. Full payment must be made by 4th June 2020, unless you are opting for a payment plan

  • Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive confirmation by email with details of how to pay the remainder.

  • Before booking, please read 'Important Info' below

Thu, Jun 04
Rusper Court Manor, West Sussex
From Death To Rebirth Retreat Deposit (£222)
Deposit for an Earlybird Triple Room space (£777) or an Earlybird Solo Room space (£888). Earlybirds available until 03/04/2020
Thu, Jun 04
Rusper Court Manor, West Sussex
From Death To Rebirth Retreat Deposit (£111)
Deposit for an Earlybird Camping space (£555) or an Earlybird Shared Room space (£666). Earlybirds are available until 03/04/2020


For those who are unable to make full payment by 4th June 2020, we have the following payment plans available.

  • OPTION 1 - Camping - Deposit of £111 + remainder over 3 x monthly instalments

  • OPTION 2 - Shared Room - Deposit of £111 + remainder over 4 x monthly instalments

  • OPTION 3 - Triple room - Deposit of £222 + remainder over 4 x monthly instalments

  • OPTION 4 - Solo rooms - Deposit of £222 + remainder over 4 x monthly instalments


If our suggested payment plans are not feasible for you but you feel you are meant to join us on this journey please let us know, and we will do our best to work out a payment plan to suit both our needs. We also have a three assisting roles (camping only) with a reduced price, with priority given to people who have attended our previous retreats.

We do not want money to block people from joining us if they feel it is aligned for them to attend our retreat - our priority is making this work accessible to all who feel called to it.​ Reach out if you feel guided to join us and we will do our best to make it happen - anything is possible and we want support you in saying yes to this opportunity if it feels right in your heart.




After paying your deposit, please email with your chosen accommodation type and let us know if you will be opting for the payment plan option or paying in full before the retreat. You will receive an email back confirming your place and giving you details on how to pay the remainder of your fee.



We request that you hand your phones in on the day of arrival to create an EMF free space, as well as getting rid of distractions to allow radical presence and deep introspection. This will make a BIG difference to your process. If you need to make any urgent calls during the retreat (to kids or sick family members for example) you can have your phone back for this purpose, returning it afterwards. Emergency contacts will be provided.


In order for you to be fully present with your inner world, we also request you do not consume any external stimulus and information I.e. listening to music, reading books. We also recommend keeping writing to a minimum so as to avoid indulging the mind's commentary of your experience, allowing you to simply BE with your experience.



We will be observing a policy of noble silence at specific times during the 4 days. This means that during breaks, and in your rooms, you are required not to speak to fellow participants. Silence significantly adds to the healing process, cementing us in our own experience so we can be truly present with what is arising within us. Silence also prevents us from distracting ourselves or others from the work.


There will be specific opportunities for group sharing during silent days, and on the final day we be able to share and connect with each other. There will also be opportunities to meet and talk on the 4th June before the official retreat opening ceremony on the morning of 5th June.


If you find you are in need of extra support during the retreat, Reuben and Nyasha will be available at some points to speak with you and talk through what is arising. We ask that all participants honour the deep-healing container we wish to create by respecting the silence.




During the retreat we will be eating a plant-based diet (no animal products). Please let us know if you have any specific allergies so we can factor this in to meal planning with the chef. We will have fruits and tea available during the breaks, but please feel free to bring your own snacks in addition if you would like to.


Smoking cigarettes, marijuana and taking any mind-altering substances is prohibited during the retreat to create a clean environment free of coping mechanisms and external distractions. Please do not join us if you are unable to respect this policy. If you want to come but are currently a smoker, you can use this retreat as an opportunity to stop or take a break.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our retreat. We look forward to connecting with all the souls who are aligned to join us on this journey.

With love and gratitude,


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