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Our mission with our life and work as The Ascension Seed is to assist the collective in remembering our multi-dimensional nature and oneness with all that is. We want to support our reflections in connecting to the infinite source of unconditional love which is where all of existence stems from. We are here to assist those who are open and ready to know themselves beyond their material form. It is our intention to be of service to the conscious awakening of humanity on both the micro and macro levels.


By liberating our inner beings from the illusion of separation and many other conditioned layers, we allow more flow and harmony in our experience, unlocking more of the magic of existence in our reality. We are here to support you in the vulnerable and often challenging work of integrating the shadow and getting to the energetic root of your suffering. 


Through the content, services and offerings we create, our intention is to share the ancient teachings we have been blessed with and open our channels to birth new consciousness. We are here to support you in trusting the divine timing of your life and uncovering all the wisdom in your experiences so you may find clarity, ease and grace on your path.


Our soul purpose is to share the love in our hearts from divine source that has helped us to heal and transform, so that you may connect to this love within yourselves and activate your innate ability to truly heal and alchemise.


We are blessed to walk this path of ascension alongside you, and we are honoured to be able to hold space for beings on the journey of releasing conditioned layers which block the light of the soul. Our true nature is infinite, and transcends our physical body.


We are here to assist you in remembering your divinity and claiming your power as a sovereign being so you can allow your essence to come alive and radiate out to uplift others. We wish to support you in uncovering your soul's unique vibration so you can share your magic with the Earth and live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

In unconditional love and service, 


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