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Healing is what gives Nyasha the biggest sense of fulfilment and purpose. She is passionate about assisting people to remember their true power, turn pain into power and come into a greater state of integration and alignment with their true limitless nature. This is achieved by emotional awareness work, releasing negative and limiting patterns of thought and behaviour and healing unconscious childhood wounds . Working with Nyasha empowers and liberates your inner being, to transform your life through deep soul healing and unconditional self-love.

Nyasha is highly intuitive and has trained and studied extensively in energy healing for the heart, soul, and mind. She is innately empathic, compassionate and open-hearted, and creates the safe space you need to be truly vulnerable and honest with yourself about where you're struggling or feeling stuck. Using intuitive healing techniques Nyasha can also detect subconscious blocks and help you release them. From this space of authenticity you can cultivate huge shifts in yourself and your life, reconnecting to your inner power and the immeasurable beauty of who you really are. 


Are you ready to step into the life you've always dreamed of?


There is no time like the present to start living a life without limits. If you feel called to take your happiness and wellbeing into your own hands through the power of conscious awareness and become the artist of your own reality, then working with Nyasha is for you.

With Nyasha's loving energy and soulful assistance, you will co-create the process of stepping into your purpose and manifesting your desires for yourself and your life. Let the transformation you have been longing for come alive!


For more information on the specific areas Nyasha can work with you, see the Private Sessions page.

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