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As The Ascension Seed, we currently channel our energy into deep healing events, ceremonies, workshops, residential ‘Alchemy For Ascension' retreats, 2.1 services, online transmissions and workshops,  and high-frequency music. We work primarily with sacred sound in combination with meditation, movement, vocal work and various other healing techniques we have trained in or channeled from spirit to upgrade consciousness, release stagnant energy, empower and activate. In addition to this we offer spiritual coaching through Ascension Seekers, our three month spiritual alignment online coaching programme.



We offer 2:1 services in the form of alchemical quantum healing sessions, sonic activations, intuitive readings, plant medicine ceremonies, plus bespoke ceremonies or rituals for birthdays, milestones, baby blessings etc. In general we offer anything that feels aligned with our heart’s intent and soul calling. We offer these services online or in person at Ascension Space in Manor Park, London, UK.
















In all of our work, we hold spaces for deep self-reflection in an environment abundant in compassion and unconditional love. Our pure intention creates the safety necessary for people to let down their guard and enter into a vulnerable and raw space, allowing their natural capacity for self-healing to come alive. We help people to feel and release stagnant energy and trapped emotions, whilst simultaneously connecting them to higher timelines and new frequencies through channeled wisdom and consciousness downloads. In this way people are able to let go of old ‘selves’ whilst embodying more of their cosmic, multi-dimensional nature so they can claim their power as conscious creators, alchemists and sovereign beings.
















Though these words describe what we offer, in general we try not to label ourselves or define our work so as not to place any limitations on the energy that source wants to express through our vessels. In our work, we work with the energy of surrender any control or expectation, to allow our channels to open and bring through the purest energy possible in each moment. If you feel called to work with us, please reach out! You can also browse our current events, read more about our 2:1 services or see testimonials from our clients.


Cacao Ceremony at Alchemy For Ascension ~ Embody Your New Earth Frequency Retreat

Alchemy Retreat

Opening Ceremony ~ Intention Setting


Earth Appreciation Meditation at Alchemy For Ascension ~ Embodying The Elements Retreat

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