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Ascension Sessions With Reuben & Nyasha

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Ascension Sessions are intentional spaces for deep healing, activation, alchemy, and consciousness upgrades. Reuben and Nyasha work together using a combination of meditation, energy downloads, energy clearing, sound activation and crystal grids to take you on a journey into your unconscious, creating a safe and loving space for you to release that which no longer serves you and rise into greater embodiment of your higher self. Often during sessions Reuben and Nyasha will channel unique bespoke healing practices for you under guidance from your higher self catering to your specific healing requirements.

Ascension Sessions begin with a channeled meditation from your higher self, an intention setting and an intuitive body scan to detect energy blockages in your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Following this, Reuben and Nyasha will draw upon their training and intuitive gifts to guide the session for the deepest possible healing, assisting you in releasing what is not in alignment for your highest good and clearing your energy field of density and stagnancy, creating space for you to receive new frequencies. After the energy clearing we will complete a sonic activation using sound healing, light language, vocal healing sounds and crystal grids to flood your body and field with high vibrational downloads of light energy. During the session you will be lying down to receive the vibrational transmission channeled through our vessels and a range of sacred healing instruments.

As a Twin Flame couple, Reuben and Nyasha embody the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, so when they work together in a 2:1 session they are able to bring through a uniquely balanced transmission of healing energy and consciousness.


We intend for you to leave an Ascension Session feeling open-hearted, expanded, reconnected to your true power, remembering more of your essence and more confident in your unique path. You possess all the gifts to have a significant impact on the expansion of the planet, and we would be so blessed so assist your journey of coming home to yourself. After an Ascension Session you will feel physically lighter, aligned, emotionally clearer and more in touch with your higher self.


We are so grateful for the chance to help you do the shadow work necessary to love yourself into alignment and raise your vibration so you can radiate the light of your soul more brightly for the highest good of all.


We recommend a minimum of three sessions to allow for deeper healing and processing of suppressed trauma and stagnant energy in the emotional, spiritual and physical body.

For enquiries or to book an Ascension Session please contact us.

Ascension Sessions as a 2:1 session or with a group of 2-4 people.

Solo Ascension Session: £160

Group Ascension Session:

2 people: £130 per person

4 people: £80 per person

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